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Instadesign has been working in the domain of engineering and design for nearly 30 years, with the goal of improving productivity based to the vision, efficiency, expertise and experience of its resources. Its customers include SMEs and large Quebec companies in the aeronautics, aerospace, transport, robotisation and automation, manufacturing, medical and new technologies sectors.

Instadesign is a highly specialized engineering firm with a large number of qualified and experienced technical resources available for engineering and industrial design projects. More than 50 engineers, designers and technician work together in a spirit of collaboration, with the ultimate mission of helping customers meet their objectives.


Instadesign is a group of passionate individuals who have forged a first-rate reputation throughout the Quebec market over the years. Reflecting an image of professionalism, efficiency and rapid execution, the company has always been flexible to customer demands. Relying on a pool of loyal customers for many years, Instadesign continues its commitment to developing new mandates, partnerships and business relationships based on the company's values of respect, trust and transparency. 


1109 Chomedey Highway - A13

Laval |  QC | Canada | H7W 5J8

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